Saturday, November 6, 2010

Illy - The Chase

Oh yes, I believe it is time for another album review & with some much quality stuff being released over the past few months it was hard to choose which album deserve a review from the one & only RichoKidd.

After narrowing down to a few choices I could only think of one, Illy’s highly anticipated The Chase.

Illy is an Australian Hip Hop Artist from Melbourne, Victoria. He was a member of Crooked Eye and has since gone solo, releasing his first album, Long Story Short in 2009. Long Story Short reached #24 on the ARIA Top 40 Urban Album chart and the lead single, "Pictures", was placed on national rotation on Triple J. "It Can Wait" debuted on the Australia Singles Chart at number fifty-eight.

In the fortnight before The Chase was due to be released Illy released one track from The Chase every day up until its release. He called it 14 Tracks in 14 Days. This was a rather successful venture as it gave his fans, even those who aren’t aware of him, an insight into his album before going out and purchasing it.

The 14 tracks from The Chase are;

  1. Go
  2. Guess I Could
  3. It Can Wait (ft. Owl Eyes)
  4. On The Bus
  5. Cigarettes (ft. Hue Blanes)
  6. Without A Doubt
  7. We Don’t Care
  8. Numbers Game
  9. Feel Something
  10. Put ‘Em In The Air
  11. Diamonds (ft. Wren)
  12. The Chase (ft. Oliver Daysoul)
  13. I Know (ft. Joyride)
  14. Same Number, Same Hood

It was easy for me to review this album as, I had never followed Illy’s career as much as I’d liked & couldn’t be biased towards this album. Keeping this in mind, I still loved this album. It is an excellent portrayal of the generation-Y that Pegz (Obese Records CEO) feels fit to pass the torch to.

This album consists of many-a different styles of Australian Hip Hop. I consider it a very “rise & fall” album, in the sense Illy can write a slow tune about a lost love & put it on the same album as a fast paced “ghetto” track like Put ‘Em In The Air.

Illy is lyrically sound & has no issue writing an incredible hook, but the production on his album helped him stand higher then most artists dream of reaching. With people like ARIA award winning M-Phazes, Jan Skubiszewski, Taku, Styalz Fuego & J Squared you know this album is going to be an impressive piece of work.

As usual I have a few favourite tracks from the album & of course I couldn’t look past the lead single It Can Wait (ft Owl Eyes). I can see the reason for this track being selected as the main single from this album. It sums up Illy’s life rather well & tells an incredible story. The hook in the song is really well written & with the addition of Owl Eyes, Illy could do no wrong.

The final track on The Chase Same Number, Same Hood is another favourite of mine. Know most, if not all, of us know The Notorious B.I.G is a big influence in the modern day hip-hop. So seeing Illy sampling the big man himself was a great pleasure of mine. This track is an excellent story of Illy’s love for his hometown.

Finally, probably my favourite tracks from the album, The Chase (ft Oliver Daysoul). The Chase has everything a hip-hop track needs, a chorus with an amazing voice, lyrics that only a man like Illy could come up with, a beat that no-one could better. This track is what hip-hop is meant to be. I can see this track topping the charts sooner rather then later.

This album is definitely a chart topper. With an array of singers & producers from all different walks of life & different styles it causes everything to gel. I couldn’t put this track down & repeatedly listen to this to get my Illy fix. Keep an eye on the stuff coming from this kid over the next few years. You & I all know that, whatever it may be, it’ll be the next big thing. This album gets a highly deserved 9/10.

Illy is currently on tour around the country headlining the Three Up Tour on the following dates:
Fri Oct 29 – Sandbar, Mildura
Sat Oct 30 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Fri Nov 5 – The Hi Fi, Melbourne
Thu Nov 18 – Prince of Wales, Bunbury
Fri Nov 19 – Norfolk Basement, Fremantle
Sat Nov 20 – Amplifier Bar, Perth
Thu Nov 25 – Roi Bar, Albury
Fri Nov 26 – Yahoo Bar, Shepparton
Sat Nov 27 – Transit Bar, Canberra

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

360 - Please Be Seated 2

Finally, after months of procrastination, I have downloaded 360's newest instalment Please Be Seated 2.

Please Be Seated 2 is the sequel mixtape of Please Be Seated. Please Be Seated was originally a 6-track mixtape featuring samples from people such as; Lisa Mitchell, Genisis, B.O.B and more.
Please Be Seated 2 is an 8-track mixtape featuring artists such as; Seth Sentry & Justice. 360 used samples from people like Kings of Leon & Tame Impala.

I can honestly say these two mixtapes are some of 60's best work. When he's not batteling or working on his new album he is keeping updated with some pretty dope tracks. I can't get over some of the mixes & the way he uses samples.
This mixtape also expresses every emotion in just 8-tracks.

I can't wait for Falling & Flying to drop, especially if its anything like these mixtapes.
Please download these mixtape from & support your local acts .

Monday, September 27, 2010

Crate Digging. The Journey Begins


It's been a while since I posted anything worth reading on this blog, hence my lack of followers, but I have got a rather interesting update.

I have discovered a new hobby, Crate Digging;
For those that don't know, Crate Digging is going into record stores & searching through the collection of new, but mainly used, vinyl records. It can also be done online, through eBay or record store websites, but I recommend going through the stores so you can see the condition of a record & some places will even let you listen to them.

Over the long weekend in Perth, WA (Queens Birthday) I made my way into Planet Video on Beaufort St. Where they have a small, but interesting collection of new & used records. I went through a few of their used Dubstep to see how they played & if they were worth the $5 price tag. Unfortunently they weren't exactly what I was looking for but it did keep me entertained.

I have started a small collection of my own.
It consists of three records;
Plutonic Lab - Collision of Days
Plutonic Lab - Colours over Codes
Downsyde - LesFortunate.

I purchased all these records on line & are currently sitting in a milk crate in the boot of my car. I am hoping to head out to a local record store in Perth, DaDa Records, next weekend and have a shop around in their Hip Hop section to see if I can find any gems.

So, as my collection has began, and will hopefully grow to a total of 20 records by the end of the year (I don't have a huge goal as I have a lot more to focus on other then this hobby but I do hope to one day make it my main focus.) I would like to leave you with a word of advice.
Crate Digging will keep a genuine music lover entertained for hours & I can not be held responsible for time wasted searching through the crate & crates you will find stashed away.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Plutonic Lab - Collision of Days

Oh shit yes, I totally recieved this in the mail on Monday.
Thank God for eBay. :D


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kill 'Em All - RichKidd MC

I was messing around listening to some Plutonic Lab beats when I had this sudden urge to write something to it.
This may appear on a small mixtape I may be putting together
The audio will be coming soon


Kill 'Em All - RichKidd (28th August 2010)

Kill 'em all
They better run
Cause when I'm through
They wont be havin much fun

They'll be running scared
Ducking & weaving
You know these homies
Better be f**ken believen

I'm the best
From the west
W.A, Ya'll better be listenin
To what it is I have to say

I hope you ant
afraid of me
I hope ya'll see
Im the best motherf**ken MC

Since D-Rapht
Hilltop Hoods
Suffa, Pressure, Debris
You know they're all good

But I'm great
Make no f**ken mistake
Try to battle me
You'll be in for an ill fate.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bliss N Eso - Running on Air (2010)

So. Finally I'm back, after a long absence I have returned to my blog with a "few" new albums added to my collection. I've decided, due to my return being such big news in the world of Oz Hip Hop (pffffffft). It's only fair I review one of the biggest releases of the year.

Bliss N Eso's - Running on Air.

Insted of beginning with a brief history of the group, as I'm certain all of you know exactly who Bliss N Eso are, I'm going to get straight into the review.

Running on Air (2010)

Running on Air is the fourth studio album by the Australian hip hop trio Bliss n Eso. It was released on July 30, 2010. The album debuted at number one in Australia for the week commencing August 9, 2010. It has since been certified Gold on the ARIA charts.

This album contains 19 tracks (16 tracks, 3 skits)

  1. "Never Land" – 2:10
  2. "Flying Through the City" – 3:17
  3. "Addicted" – 3:51
  4. "Down by the River" – 2:54
  5. "The Moses Twist" – 4:16
  6. "Art House Audio" – 3:02
  7. "Family Affair" – 3:56
  8. "Reflections" – 3:05
  9. "Coastal Kids" – 3:57
  10. "People Up on It" (featuring Xzibit) – 4:26
  11. "Caught at the Pub" – 2:05
  12. "Where the Wild Things Are" (featuring Mind Over Matter) – 4:12
  13. "The Children of the Night" – 4:47
  14. "Smoke Like a Fire" (featuring RZA) – 3:52
  15. "Re-Debating Reality" – 0:51
  16. "Late One Night" – 3:42
  17. "I Can" (featuring Jehst) – 4:13
  18. "Weightless Wings" – 3:29
  19. "Golden Years" – 2:58
This album is rather difficult to review for me as, since I can remember, I have followed Bliss N Eso's carreer, even in their early years when they were Bliss n Esoterikizm, that being said, this review will not be biased in anyway as I can tell you that this album is not perfect, but it is as close as can be.

This album is full of strange & wonder-us styles of music, nothing any fan of Australian Hip Hop has come to expect from the trio, or anyone else in this genre for that matter. Running on Air is one of those "rise & fall" albums, in the sense that it has songs that can pump you up and songs that can bring you down, a bit like drugs right?

I'm certain every person who is a fan of this genre owns this album, or has at least checked it out at some point at time.

Now the first time I put this album in my disc tray I expected an opening skit, in the fashion of Bliss N Eso, and no surprise I got one. Now, I'm not saying Skits/Intro's aren't a great addition to any album, some make an album just that little bit more special, but, some times it just doesn't work, and I think Never Land is one of those. It doesn't lead into anything or come from anything.

When I first heard Flying Through The City I was impressed. A nice fast paced track that had me dancing around the room and bobbing a long like I hadn't done in a very long time. This track is a very fun track and I can sense it was written that way. It sets the tone for the album in a very good manner.

Addicted followed, and I'll be honest, at first, I wasn't a fan but after listening to it over and over again, I warmed to it. It has a very "homley" feel to it and I can tell why its getting regular air play.

Obviously Down by the River was written as a hit, I could listen to that track for four days straight and not get sick of it. Again a very fun track. A good one to play when your chilling at home with mates or something.

Family Affair was another favourite of mine, as I think I & every other Australian can relate. Most of us have families we love & care about and most of us have found memories of our time with them. Every time I played this song it put me at a family gathering, reminded me of Christmas lunch with my big family.

Now another very exciting thing, for me anyway, was the fact the boys managed to get Xzibit on People up on It. I've always been a big fan of X and the combination of X & BnE work very well together. People up on It is an awesome track, feels like that raw hip-hop that I know & love.

The album finishes up with Golden Years. This track was a favourite of mine as I can relate to it. This is a story, about a life that every person has experienced at some point in time. I can't exactly portray my love for this track with words

Running on Air is one of those albums that your going to love, or hate. Even if you can't stand a track or two, majority of Australian Hip Hoppers will love this album, and for those that don't, that is their decision, but know that this album does take a little bit longer then most to warm to.

The boys have done very well in representing our country in a game we did not create but some how have mastered. BnE are getting some huge reception over-seas, and just announced a 25 date tour of the US. This album is only going to help their notoriety.


Back in the game....

Wow. Its been a very long time since I did a review, or even visted ye ol' faithful, but, I am back.

I have decided that, now I am getting more involved in hip-hop, I shall return to the game of reviews, opinions and blogs. I do wonder if anyone is watching though....

I will begin my return with a review of the new Bliss N Eso album, Running on Air.
This will probably be done either tonight or tomorrow.
I will then, once a week (most likely, Saturday. Possibly Sunday), review what happened in the week of Aussie Hip Hop. Also reviewing any new releases as they come out.

I also have some big news of my own, but that I'll save till late

Watch this space....