Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kill 'Em All - RichKidd MC

I was messing around listening to some Plutonic Lab beats when I had this sudden urge to write something to it.
This may appear on a small mixtape I may be putting together
The audio will be coming soon


Kill 'Em All - RichKidd (28th August 2010)

Kill 'em all
They better run
Cause when I'm through
They wont be havin much fun

They'll be running scared
Ducking & weaving
You know these homies
Better be f**ken believen

I'm the best
From the west
W.A, Ya'll better be listenin
To what it is I have to say

I hope you ant
afraid of me
I hope ya'll see
Im the best motherf**ken MC

Since D-Rapht
Hilltop Hoods
Suffa, Pressure, Debris
You know they're all good

But I'm great
Make no f**ken mistake
Try to battle me
You'll be in for an ill fate.

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