Monday, September 27, 2010

Crate Digging. The Journey Begins


It's been a while since I posted anything worth reading on this blog, hence my lack of followers, but I have got a rather interesting update.

I have discovered a new hobby, Crate Digging;
For those that don't know, Crate Digging is going into record stores & searching through the collection of new, but mainly used, vinyl records. It can also be done online, through eBay or record store websites, but I recommend going through the stores so you can see the condition of a record & some places will even let you listen to them.

Over the long weekend in Perth, WA (Queens Birthday) I made my way into Planet Video on Beaufort St. Where they have a small, but interesting collection of new & used records. I went through a few of their used Dubstep to see how they played & if they were worth the $5 price tag. Unfortunently they weren't exactly what I was looking for but it did keep me entertained.

I have started a small collection of my own.
It consists of three records;
Plutonic Lab - Collision of Days
Plutonic Lab - Colours over Codes
Downsyde - LesFortunate.

I purchased all these records on line & are currently sitting in a milk crate in the boot of my car. I am hoping to head out to a local record store in Perth, DaDa Records, next weekend and have a shop around in their Hip Hop section to see if I can find any gems.

So, as my collection has began, and will hopefully grow to a total of 20 records by the end of the year (I don't have a huge goal as I have a lot more to focus on other then this hobby but I do hope to one day make it my main focus.) I would like to leave you with a word of advice.
Crate Digging will keep a genuine music lover entertained for hours & I can not be held responsible for time wasted searching through the crate & crates you will find stashed away.


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