Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dialectrix - Audio Projectile

Finally after the long brake I'm back with another review, this time I'm featuring artist & all round nice dude Dialectrix in his newest release Audio Projectile.

I picked this album up today and have had it on repeat since I got in the car this afternoon.

Audio Projectile - Dialectrix (2010)

Dialectrix is an Australian hip hop artist from the Blue Mountains. He was a member of Down Under Beats crew (a Triple J's Unearthed Competition winner) and later formed Gully Platoon with Pegz, Joe New and and DJ 2Buck. He has released two solo albums, Cycles of Survival and Audio Projectile.

Audio Projectile was released mid-2010, two years after his first album Cycles of Survival.

The album contains 14 tracks;
  1. One More Time
  2. Pieces of a Puzzle
  3. Dead Set
  4. Fly on the Wall
  5. Audio Projectile
  6. Life Goes On (Ft. Hau)
  7. Inner Heart Beat (Ft. Joe New)
  8. Whut
  9. Whats Important
  10. Comin' To Getcha (Ft. Fluent Form, Maundz & Rigby)
  11. Holding the Lantern
  12. This is Like, Mental
  13. Zahir (Ft. Tommy Illfigga & Joe New)
  14. I've Been Told
There a few things I can say about Audio Projectile, the production, done by non-other then Plutonic Lab, is on-the-spot-hot, the lyrics are fresh & raw & D-trix's flow, as usual, is incredible, but one thing I CAN'T say about this album, I don't like every song, because, that's just simply not true. Every track on this song is good, not all are great, but every single one is on par with the best shit for 2010.

Another great feature about this album is exactly that, all the different featuring artists. Begining with one of the greatest, Hau, from the mighty mighty Koolism crew, his old Gully buddy, Joe New. Fluent Form, Maundz, Rigby & Tommy Illfigga. Now I will be honest and say, some of these gents I had not heard until purchasing this album, but now I have, I'm on the hunt for their own work. These guys are like the "Pieces of a Puzzle" and just add that glue that holds this album together.

The lead single for this album, Pieces of a Puzzle, is one of my favourite tracks, not just for the album, but for the entire year, and the video is always good for a laugh. PoaP is one of those tracks that just work. Every time I hear it I wana get up and loose my shit cause its just that damn good.

One thing I really like that D-trix's has done with this album is the track Fly on the Wall. Writing a track in the perspective of a Fly, who sees & hears things we wouldn't want our closest friends to know, is way beyond anything I've heard from an artist in my 19/20 years of a life.
It just blows my mind, gives you a lot to think about.

I was a little surprised at the amount of air time this album got, I believe it deserved a lot more, especially the two tracks I just mentioned, they set the par for Australian Hip Hop in 2011. Lets just hope this year we will see some more records like this

8.5/10 for this one, it was a great album, and D-trix is one heck of an artist, but we all know the man has so much more hidden away for 2011/2012.


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